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A recipe of sorts

There’s a lot of loose talk out there about how long it takes to caramelize onions. It takes an inconvenient amount of time, during which one could easily cook two or three other meals, but it’s my favorite part of cooking. Few things respond so directly to attention and care as onions do. How good they are is directly proportional toRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: More Bad Stuff

We leave Weimar in the afternoon. I make a quick stop at Brenner’s to get some barbecue. I have now eaten at all three non-chain restaurants in Weimar. Some of the locals have denigrated Brenner’s for being too expensive, but I am in Texas and I can’t not get whatever the barbecue in town is.Read More »

Spring 2015 Tour: Not Schiller’s Weimar, The Other One

Carlos and I wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the mechanic, which opens at 7:30. It is a mile or so of walking along I-10. We are pleased to see the van undisturbed where we left it, right outside the gate. Most of the morning is spent waiting for an estimate,Read More »

SXSW 2015 Tour: Some Hecklers Just Want To Hang

Our first stop in Atlanta is the Sevananda Natural Foods Market in Little Five Points. We found this place our first time through the city with Sharon Van Etten many years back, and it’s been a frequent stop ever since. It is often difficult to find healthy food on tour, so stores like this are aRead More »

SXSW 2015 Tour: Waist-Deep in Luggage

Packing the van is a little different on each tour. No matter how much you think you have it down to a science, something always changes: a new piece of gear, an old piece of gear in a new case, or most commonly just a complete failure to recollect what you did last time thatRead More »

A weekend ritual: A&A Bake and Doubles

It’s hard to get me out of the house before sundown on a Saturday. I generally try to sleep as late as possible and remain in bed until some social obligation compels me to shower and dress and go out into society with my fellow humans. Most of my week involves the company of otherRead More »

Fall Tour: An Obscene Amount of Garlic

The crowd at the Big Red Barn at Cornell is better than the usual college crowd. The room is nice and full, and people are dancing and generally into what is happening. My favorites are a guy and a girl in the front row. The girl is doing this sort of manic warp-speed shimmy noRead More »

Fall Tour: Carlos hears Son of Salami in Burlington and Bursts Into Tears

Our show in Boston is at a house. House shows in Boston must be handled carefully because the cops put considerable and occasionally hilarious effort into shutting them down. The address can’t be disclosed until the last minute, and anyone asking about the show that someone doesn’t know personally stands a nontrivial chance of being a cop. IRead More »

Fall Tour: In which I eat several bagels and am crowned Pony Princess

Our show in Montreal is at Casa del Popolo, part of the POP Montreal festival. I cannot resist purchasing these “wine-flavored” gummies at a gas station on the way over. What an interesting idea! I wonder if they taste good. They do not. They are, in fact, the most disgusting candy I have ever encountered. The “wine”Read More »

Fall Tour: Lodging with the Elks

Our show in Pittsburgh is at the Smiling Moose. The streets are wide enough for roughly one and a half cars, so loading is a dodgy affair. I do not intend to pass judgment on the fine city of Pittsburgh based on one of its residents, but one of the first people I see afterRead More »