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Fall Tour: In which I discover a previously-unknown talent for shadow puppets

Our Kalamazoo show is at Satellite Records, a thoroughly awesome record store on what appears to be the main drag. I take the opportunity to get some tapes for the car: Harry Nilsson, Paul Simon, and best of all, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell. I have a morbid fascination withRead More »

Fall Tour: Bill and Ted are kind of chumps if you really think about it

In Atlanta, we stay in a large house consisting of many apartments connected by a tarpaper roof. Our hosts have a large collection of bells, with which we improvise some droney faux-gamelan for a while. There is also a crystal of selenite, which can be used to bow a guitar. The guitar is covered with selenite dust,Read More »

Tour Diary: Hootie & The Blowfish Boulevard is a place that exists and I went there

Our trip from Raleigh to Columbia is mercifully rainy, bringing the temperature down to a very nearly tolerable level. Our show is at a cozy house venue called Shredquarterz. We arrive quite early, and take a walk into town for coffee. At the main intersection, we encounter this: Turns out Hootie & the Blowfish areRead More »

Fall Tour: Meat Edition

Leaving for tour requires a series of carefully-choreographed preparations. Preparing to leave home for nearly a month is already pretty involved, but there are a few more variables this time around. We recently purchased a new van, a white Dodge Ram which we sincerely hope is less fucked up than the old blue Chevy we’veRead More »

Luthier? I hardly know her! Part 3

The best way to deal with the fingerboard while preserving the inlays turned out to be the hardest: hand-scraping with a little woodcarving tool I bought as part of a set from Home Depot. I initially purchased them intending to carve a cool pattern into the body, but I realized the flat chisel one could also functionRead More »

I Take Back Everything Bad I Ever Said About Midtown: B&D Halal Restaurant

My doctor’s office is walkable from work, and on the way back from my last routine checkup I took a slightly different route than last time. I was in a rush, so I couldn’t stop, but something exciting caught my eye: food. The name of the place was B&D Halal Restaurant, which by itself wouldn’t raiseRead More »

Sublime to the Ridiculous

In deference to the fact that very few people who read this care about the finer points of musical instrument construction, I’m going to post a sort of personal essay type thing I’ve been working on for a little while even though I’m pretty sure it’s not done. Enjoy. Everyone who cares about music has an originRead More »

Luthier? I hardly know her! Part 2

As soon as I started this project, the simple task of attaching my fancy new tuners to the headstock proved beyond me. I was frustrated: three of them fit just fine, and one just wouldn’t go. I could see that the bushing was not totally flush with the headstock, and I feared I had renderedRead More »

Luthier? I hardly know her! Part 1

Okay, so the blog has been inactive for a bit, but let’s be real: the people who read this are probably also the people I’ve seen in the last month or so. I now return, to begin a series of posts about my latest project: restoring a shitty old bass, all by myself. I apologizeRead More »

No, All Humans

I don’t want this blog to become the sort of space where I have to weigh in on every single development of the 24-hour news cycle. But the recent events in Isla Vista are the first thing I’ve felt compelled to write about since arriving home from Europe, and I’m sick and I can’t sleep, soRead More »