I’ve been tinkering with my instruments for as long as I’ve been playing, and more recently I decided to get serious about it. I’ve been apprenticing with Farhad Soheili of Pentatonic Guitars and Ludlow Guitars for over a year now, learning the art and craft of repairing and maintaining stringed instruments. In my own shop I have worked on guitars, basses, mandolins, and assorted others. Acoustic, electric, whatevs. I take great pride in understanding the complex ecosystem of minutiae that affect whether an instrument is good, great, or unplayable, and I expect this to be a lifelong process of stepping up my game. One thing Farhad said that stuck with me after a particularly difficult job was something to the effect of “now we’ve spent more time thinking about this instrument than the person who built it.” I think about that a lot, and I’m continually surprised at the extent to which most instruments have something wrong with them that is relatively simple and straightforward to fix. If your instrument wasn’t custom-built by someone whose last name is the name of their company, it probably needs some love. Love that only a luthier can give.

Currently I do setups, nut and bridge repairs/replacements, fret leveling/dressing, minor crack repairs, and electronics work. Want me to do one of these things for you? Hit me up. Appraisals are free, I quote you a fair price, and I promise to treat your instrument like it was my own baby and love it and kiss it all over its fat little face. I’m based in Ridgewood, so you can grab a grandma slice from Rosa’s Pizza after we meet.

Pics to come!