Current Projects

Ava Luna

I’ve been playing with these folks since 2010, and we still don’t have a good elevator pitch. We draw from soul, postpunk, pop, and avant-garde influences. We have gorgeous vocal harmonies and our rhythm section is fucking tight and we’re all pretty attractive people. You should check it out.

Ava Luna is on hiatus until the fall. In the meantime, I’m keeping busy subbing for friends and colleagues, such as:



Laser Background

Cassandra Jenkins


Past Projects


My first real band after college. Sort of a punkish thing, but with more obtuse lyrics and baroque song structures. I am still extremely proud of these recordings, all of which were tracked in my old room on Halsey street. The singer/guitarist/principal songwriter now does this, which is extremely cool.

Classical shit from college

This is from when I thought I was going to be a composer. Maybe someday I’ll write a little more in this vein. You know any string quartets who like to work for beer?

AC Adaptors

Band I was in in college. Catchy, kinda jangly power pop. The last band I was in that didn’t hate on my headless bass. Two of the guys are now in this band.

KC Quilty

Around when I was in Casiorossi I played with these guys for a few months. They kicked me out when I joined Ava Luna because they thought I’d be too busy. The drummer went on to join Ava Luna with me, and the singer went on to be way more successful.