On Bending

I had been working on a post on and off about different types of bass strings I like, and some extra-geeky minutiae about work I’ve done on some of my favorite basses, and then the inauguration happened and it all seemed so small. I’ll finish it later. For now, please bear with me as IRead More »

A recipe of sorts

There’s a lot of loose talk out there about how long it takes to caramelize onions. It takes an inconvenient amount of time, during which one could easily cook two or three other meals, but it’s my favorite part of cooking. Few things respond so directly to attention and care as onions do. How good they are is directly proportional toRead More »

A Brush with History

I am at peace in Richmond. We have just finished playing a show with our friends and colleagues Manatree and Lucy Dacus, and now we’re on the grounds of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. The show was great fun, and fortunately ended early enough to allow us to go out afterwards. The museum is open for a specialRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: More Bad Stuff

We leave Weimar in the afternoon. I make a quick stop at Brenner’s to get some barbecue. I have now eaten at all three non-chain restaurants in Weimar. Some of the locals have denigrated Brenner’s for being too expensive, but I am in Texas and I can’t not get whatever the barbecue in town is.Read More »

Spring 2015 Tour: Not Schiller’s Weimar, The Other One

Carlos and I wake up at the crack of dawn to go to the mechanic, which opens at 7:30. It is a mile or so of walking along I-10. We are pleased to see the van undisturbed where we left it, right outside the gate. Most of the morning is spent waiting for an estimate,Read More »

Spring 2015 Tour: Good New Orleans and Bad New Orleans

New Orleans is consistently one of my favorite places to visit, and as always I feel a sense of peace descend on my mind as we roll in. We get an early start so we have time to explore a bit. Carlos takes us to a park by the art museum, and we walk around theRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: Misadventures in Savannah

I remember Savannah from a few years ago, when we did not play but stopped to eat. We went to Wall’s Barbecue, a tiny shack-like building on an otherwise residential street, and it was delicious. I remember having a really positive impression of Savannah generally. It is beautiful, with the vegetation and the old buildingsRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: Wildlife

Our show in Richmond is at an art gallery. It is the senior show for an art school, which means we are surrounded by interesting fashion decisions. One dude has a giant paper clip in his nose that simply must somehow interfere with eating. Distinctive, though, for sure. The show is well-attended, and people are intoRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: In Which I Discover Sardines

Our show in Philly is at the Pharmacy, a coffee shop with a tiny and oddly-shaped stage. I order an espresso, which hits the spot. We are soon joined by ET Anderson, an excellent band from Columbia, SC that we played with last year. It was their first show ever, and we were all impressed. We’llRead More »

Spring 2015 Tour: In Which I Purchase Another Unnecessary Pedal

As usual, getting out of the city takes longer than expected. I have to retrieve my laundry, which entails waiting for the B54 bus for an unprecedented 40 minutes. What the fuck is up with the B54? It is the worst bus line I have ever had the ill fortune to rely on, and theRead More »