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Fall Tour: An Obscene Amount of Garlic

The crowd at the Big Red Barn at Cornell is better than the usual college crowd. The room is nice and full, and people are dancing and generally into what is happening. My favorites are a guy and a girl in the front row. The girl is doing this sort of manic warp-speed shimmy noRead More »

Fall Tour: Carlos hears Son of Salami in Burlington and Bursts Into Tears

Our show in Boston is at a house. House shows in Boston must be handled carefully because the cops put considerable and occasionally hilarious effort into shutting them down. The address can’t be disclosed until the last minute, and anyone asking about the show that someone doesn’t know personally stands a nontrivial chance of being a cop. IRead More »

Fall Tour: Lodging with the Elks

Our show in Pittsburgh is at the Smiling Moose. The streets are wide enough for roughly one and a half cars, so loading is a dodgy affair. I do not intend to pass judgment on the fine city of Pittsburgh based on one of its residents, but one of the first people I see afterRead More »

Fall Tour: In which I discover a previously-unknown talent for shadow puppets

Our Kalamazoo show is at Satellite Records, a thoroughly awesome record store on what appears to be the main drag. I take the opportunity to get some tapes for the car: Harry Nilsson, Paul Simon, and best of all, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell. I have a morbid fascination withRead More »

Fall Tour: Bill and Ted are kind of chumps if you really think about it

In Atlanta, we stay in a large house consisting of many apartments connected by a tarpaper roof. Our hosts have a large collection of bells, with which we improvise some droney faux-gamelan for a while. There is also a crystal of selenite, which can be used to bow a guitar. The guitar is covered with selenite dust,Read More »

Tour Diary: Hootie & The Blowfish Boulevard is a place that exists and I went there

Our trip from Raleigh to Columbia is mercifully rainy, bringing the temperature down to a very nearly tolerable level. Our show is at a cozy house venue called Shredquarterz. We arrive quite early, and take a walk into town for coffee. At the main intersection, we encounter this: Turns out Hootie & the Blowfish areRead More »

Fall Tour: Meat Edition

Leaving for tour requires a series of carefully-choreographed preparations. Preparing to leave home for nearly a month is already pretty involved, but there are a few more variables this time around. We recently purchased a new van, a white Dodge Ram which we sincerely hope is less fucked up than the old blue Chevy we’veRead More »

Vignette, Berlin

Our show in Berlin is the best yet, and even though we’re tired we agree that the night must go on. We have a hot tip from local opener Vadoinmessico: a basement party, not too far from where we’re staying. The DJ is their friend, and will be spinning J-Pop. I could care less about J-PopRead More »

European Tour: Brixton, Continued

Our morning coffee stop in Brixton Market introduces me to the “flat white”, which to me is the ideal ratio of coffee to milk. It is sort of like a macchiato composed of more coffee by volume. Fortified, our party agrees on an objective: everyone wants a full English breakfast. A full English breakfast isRead More »

European Tour: This Pot Has Been On The Stove For 400 Years

The show is not actually in Lille. It is in Wicres, a tiny town of 380 or so on the outskirts of Lille. The promoter has a concert series in which each concert is held in a different location. The series is supported by government grants at every level, and the idea seems to beRead More »