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European Tour: Overeating Paris

I can’t really tell you what Bourges is like because we’re at a festival, and festivals are an altered state of reality. As with most festivals, we are greeted by a surly guard who prevents us from driving in the direction that obviously makes the most sense. European cars are really comically small to theRead More »

European Tour: “Cheese With Rice!”

Shortly after boarding Turkish Airlines Flight 1821, departing from JFK at 12:50 PM, I am offered a drink. How classy, I think to myself; like brunch. Don’t mind if I do. I have deliberately stayed up much too late the night before so I would be able to sleep. If I’m really being honest, IRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour: The problem of a spaceman

I’m so far behind on contemporaneous coverage of tour, I’m just going to say fuck it. The immediacy is gone, and anything I’d write now in an attempt to fully document the experience would fall short. I did get to eat two meals of barbecue in one day again, on the day we drove fromRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour: The Big Easy and Hotlanta and whatever nicknames they have for Sarasota and Tallahassee

Considering I only got two hours of sleep, I wake up surprisingly refreshed. Our first stop for the day is Tulane University, where we’ll be playing an afternoon show. The show turns out to be on the quad, on a slightly elevated platform of grass. The college has secured a truly excellent-looking PA as wellRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour: I’m All Austin The Supermarket

We roll into Austin pretty late, and go to our friends’ house to crash. Our friends are Zorch, an amazing psychedelic mathy/proggy band we play with whenever we come through Austin. They have a big art studio/show space which is being used as a venue for the festival, but since most people aren’t in town yetRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour: A Monument To Man’s Arrogance

The first thing you should know about our show in Phoenix is that it takes place at the Hard Rock Café. Last time I set foot in a Hard Rock Café I was eleven years old. My family and I had won a contest. We got a tour of MTV Studios, and dinner at the Hard Rock CaféRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour: Things To Eat Besides The Lotus

We roll into San Francisco around midnight, and pull up to Different Fur Studios. Different Fur put the show together, and the powers that be have graciously allowed us to stay the night. This is the biggest and nicest studio I have ever set foot in, and recording there is definitely a long-term goal. ForRead More »

Electric Balloon Tour, the re-electrifying

The best thing that happens in Olympia besides making a friend at the thrift store is eating this banh mi. We have to get the oil changed, and I notice that across the street is a pho restaurant. We have seen a lot of Vietnamese things around Washington, so I figure it is probably legit.Read More »

Electric Balloon Tour, Day whatever*

*a few days behind here, I should catch up to the present this week We arrive in Seattle with time to spare, and everyone goes off in different directions to explore. There is really no show prep to do because the venue is small and we are unable to load in until immediately before our set. This unorthodoxRead More »

Vignette, Portland

Before the show in Portland, two of us and a local friend head out to a strip club. We had heard about one particular place, and it piqued our curiosity. I have always had a thing for women who rock the punk aesthetic, and that is the specialty of this club. I have never been to a strip club,Read More »