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product manager by day, bassist and luthier by night

I started working as a Product Manager in 2019, after almost fifteen years in Human Resources Information Systems and management. I'm proficient in the three Ps of Product: problem solving, planning, and politicking. Currently building an aggregation and search tool, with the goal of organizing and presenting actionable data to drive sales revenue and operational efficiencies. Before that I worked on an order management platform to track and prioritize media operations workflows. In my previous career in HR I led several major HCM/ERP upgrades and developed programs to improve staffing, retention, and employee engagement at a large human services nonprofit. Whatever my title or function, it's all about analysis, problem solving, and communication. I can figure out what your business needs and get it done.

On top of holding down a day job, I've played bass for over twenty years in a variety of musical contexts, for crowds ranging from zero to a couple thousand. Currently I play in two bands, Ava Luna and Gemma. Back when going on tour was a thing you could do, I used to document my adventures here. Someday I hope to ride again. Wear a mask. In the meantime, I have a modest home recording setup and am available for remote sessions upon request. 

In my spare time, I work as a luthier out of my home shop in Ridgewood, Queens. I apprenticed with the great Farhad Soheili back in 2015, and in 2016 set out on my own. My approach combines technical knowledge with my years of experience playing, and an instrument doesn't leave my shop until it feels and sounds just right. I'll work with your budget and make sure your guitar, bass, mandolin, tres, or whatever ends up better than it started.

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need a setup, repair, or modification on your stringed instrument? i can help! email below for a quote.

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