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NY Pizza Suprema

I am far from the first to shout out the superlative quality of NY Pizza Suprema, but let me just say: believe the hype. This pizza has the perfect crust, plenty crisp but with a slight doughy resilience. The cheese always forms those awesome little brown bubbles that mean it is done. The sauce is bright and a little sweet and balances the cheese perfectly. It is all in all a great way to take the edge off the dual indignities of a Polar Vortex and just generally being in Midtown on a day.

This is a spinach artichoke pie, minus the quarter of it I immediately ate when I got home. That’s right, I’m not one of those “corporate” food bloggers who take pictures of food prior to eating it. I keep it real; I take you right to the action. The action is in my belly and you are jealous. You see how the artichoke has an ever-so-slight yellowish hue? That’s because it is fresh, and unlike its greyish brethren from the can, it caramelizes in the oven.

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